Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a document required by foreign governments that validates the country of origin of where the product was manufactured. In order to be acceptable and valid, the Certificate of Origin must be signed by the exporter, notarized, and then validated by a locally designated agency, such as the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. Certificates will only be issued by the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce for goods made in the United States during business hours Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. EST

  1. Download the Certificate of Origin form (pdf).
    1. We prefer that you edit the form directly rather than print the form and hand write the information.
    2. If you are unable to download the form, call our office at 937.226.1444 and we will e-mail the form to you.
  2. Email completed form to
  3. Your signed and stamped Certificate(s) of Origin will be emailed to you within 1 business day of submission.  Rush jobs, required within 4 hours of submission, will be charged an additional $10.00.
The fee for each Certificate of Origin (effective 1/1/2015) is:
  1. $10.00 for Dayton Chamber members in good standing.
  2. $25.00 for non-Dayton Chamber members for each Certificate of Origin.
    1. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Chamber, please visit the Member Benefits page to learn about the benefits and opportunities available to our members.
  3. Additional copies are $5.00 per page.
  4. Rush jobs, required within 4 hours of submission, will be charged an additional $10.00.

The Chamber will bill monthly for these services.


By submission of your Certificate of Origin to the DACC, your organization releases the DACC from any and all liability.  The DACC can only verify what the signee has presented as true and reliable.  If signee has falsified the origin of the goods made, DACC cannot be held responsible in any lawsuit.  No further vetting has occurred.