Soin Award Video 2016

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and Soin International announced Tuesday, April 5, 2016 that Redwall Technologies, a startup business based in Beavercreek, has won the 2016 Soin Award for Innovation.

Redwall Technologies, a cyber security group, was started by ethical hacker Eric Üner of the Chicago area. Üner had the original idea for a defense that could stop even one of the best hackers in the world – himself – and in 2013, a group of software developers from Dayton bought in to the concept, forming Redwall, and the path needed to bring the product to market.

“The most innovative pieces of our solutions are really not observable. They were designed by a very successful hacker who walked right through the defenses of every existing solution he could get his hands on,” said John Rosenstengel, President, Redwall Technologies.

The Dayton leadership team consists of John Rosenstengel, President; Kevin Woods, Vice President, Business Development and Mike Collins, Vice President of Research & Development.

Redwall’s system allows users to create several different modes within devices like a phone, each with their own level of security.

“It’s like you have a secure device that is flexible for personal use, you put it in your pocket, and pull another device out and this one is more securely configured for sensitive use, and they don’t touch each other at all,” said Mike Collins, Vice President of Research & Development at Redwall Technologies.

Users are able to create a mode for riskier activities, such as browsing Facebook, playing games, or surfing the internet, while another mode could be created for business needs. The second, more secure mode could give the user access to their work email and other valuable information without the “extras” that could open the information up to a breech. The modes are separated by encryption and temporally, ensuring that no information is left in the device’s memory when the user migrates between modes.

Redwall was chosen from a group of highly competitive applicants. A panel of judges, made up of area business leaders, poured through business plans, financial information and other submissions before choosing the top three, which then presented their ideas to the panel.

The HD video is available on YouTube at