The 2017 cards will be available to our chamber members in November!  Please read your Chamber Connection and other communications from us so you can get your 2017 cards early before they run out. If you have a balance on your 2016 card, the card will still work but the 5¢ discount will only apply through the end of 2016.

Please click here to submit a request form to Marketing & Communications or call 937.226.1444 to request your cards.  Orders will be fulfilled within 3-5 business days of submission.  Orders of 75 or less will be delivered via USPS.  Large orders will be delivered via staff or can be picked up at the chamber's office.

For those who prefer to pickup their cards, the chamber's office in the Dayton Convention Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  No need to find parking, just park in the semi-circle drive in front and come up to our office at 22 E. Fifth St., Suite 200 or we can bring large orders down to your car.

  • Use to Pay at the Pump
  • Use to manage fuel expense
  • Rechargeable with cash only
  • Instant 5 cents Gas Pump Rollback
Dayton Chamber Benefit Card Tips:

1. When the card is used as payment, you will automatically receive a 5¢ per gallon discount on unleaded fuel.  The per gallon discount is not available for fuel purchases made in WV and WI.

2. The Benefits Card can be used to buy merchandise, but you will not receive a discount on these purchases.

3. As with all Speedy Cash® Prepaid cards, you can activate or recharge a Benefits Card at Speedway locations. You DO NOT receive a discount on the activations and/or recharges, but will receive the discount when you use your Benefits Card as payment.

4. You must activate or recharge the card and use it as payment to receive the discount. This new card cannot be used as a “show it and save” discount or coupon.

5. A toll free customer service number is provided on all cards.

To receive an automatic discount on fuel when you use your Benefits Card, you must:

1. Hand your Benefits Card and cash to the Speedway Employee and tell them how much money to load (cards are not preloaded with funds).

2. Then pay at the pump - put your loaded card into the credit card slot and wait to see the prices roll back to reflect your savings. Then lift the handle.

3. Pump your gas. Any remaining balance will be printed on the receipt and stored on your card for next time. The pump will stop when you have used up the money on your card.